Supported Hardware

GSmartControl supports ATA drives (both PATA and SATA), various USB to ATA bridges, and drives behind some RAID controllers.

See Smartmontools USB Device Support page for an (incomplete) list of supported USB to ATA bridges.

GSmartControl supports the following RAID controllers:

  • Adaptec (Linux, selected models only)
  • Areca (Linux, Windows)
  • HP CCISS (Linux)
  • HP hpsa / hpahcisr (Linux)
  • Intel Matrix Storage (CSMI) (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD)
  • LSI 3ware (Linux, Windows)
  • LSI MegaRAID (Windows)

Note: Smartmontools supports even more RAID Controllers. The drives behind such controllers can be manually entered in GSmartControl using Add Device… functionality or --add-device command-line option.