Reporting Bugs

Please report issues at GSmartControl's Issue Tracker on GitHub.

Before Filing an Issue

Please see the Troubleshooting page before reporting any issues.

If it is a SMART or drive-related problem, please try to test it with smartctl first. Chances are, the problem you're experiencing is not tied to GSmartControl, but is a drive firmware or smartctl problem. For example, to see complete information about your /dev/sda drive, type the following in a terminal emulator (as root, using sudo or su):

smartctl -x /dev/sda

Note: If using Windows, the device name should be /dev/pd1 for the second physical drive, etc… Run cmd as administrator first.

If you still think it's a GSmartControl issue, please collect the following information about your system:

  • Which operating system you use (for example, openSUSE Leap 15.3).
  • Which version of GTK and Gtkmm you have installed. Finding this out is very distribution-specific. For example, on openSUSE it would be rpm -q gtk3 gtkmm3. Some distributions have gtkmm30 instead. You may also search them in your distribution's graphical package manager, if there is one.
  • Execution log from the program, if possible. To obtain it, run the program with -v option, e.g. (type the following in a terminal emulator or Run dialog):
      gsmartcontrol-root -v
  • Perform the steps needed to reproduce the bug, then go to "Options -> View Execution Log", and click "Save All". Note: On Windows, -v switch is on by default.
  • Detailed description of steps you performed when the bug occurred.


You may contact me (Alexander Shaduri) directly at